Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windless day

This morning things were calm and it was time to hit the road. The first stop was at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash in Laredo to give Mel a much needed bath. Then it was on north to Crystal City Texas for the night. From here we will have to figure out a way west, through the grass fires. 

One thing that was very noticeable on todays trek was the amount of oil field activity on Highway 83. I guess $4.00 per gallon gas has a stimulating effect on drillers. I also saw several campgrounds that have sprung up to house the oil field workers and existing campgrounds are thriving with activity they don't normally have this time of year.

One note: For the next few days, especially in west Texas, internet service might be spotty at best. I'll post when I can.

It's now time to kick back and do some planning for tomorrow. Moving west and enjoying the good life.


  1. Lemme know about the fires. We are riding to Big Bend, Thursday....maybe

  2. Will let you know what I find...hopefully nothing.

  3. John....our kids are safe in Alpine. They've been watching the sky north and are ready to evacuate any time. We just were in the area of Ft. Davis that has burned...sad, sad.

    be safe. marie

  4. Wishing you a safe journey to your next location. Louise

  5. Thanks Louise. You and Gary be safe when you head north.

  6. Stillwell Campground south of Marathon had excellent wifi.


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