Sunday, April 10, 2011

New problem

There is a new problem in my quest to head west out of here. The winds here continue to blow in the 30+ mile per hour range and now we hear west Texas is on fire. Over 125 square miles (that's square miles) of west Texas are enduring wildfire and some of it is currently within 16 miles of Interstate 10 in the Balmorhea area, which is part of the planned route. The alternative route of US 90 is even in worse shape and I-20 to the north has smoke blowing across the highway.What to do? I suppose if the weather cooperates tomorrow I will start off in a westerly direction and keep a close eye on the news to see what happens.

This is this mornings severe weather map. The blue areas are high wind advisories and the orange is fire danger. In the meantime I am going to make preparations for getting underway tomorrow and then we will just see what the day brings.

After things are squared away I will sit back and watch the Cardinals as they figure out another way to lose a ballgame in the ninth inning and spend time enjoying the good life.


  1. John- Highway 380 is such a neat road. Maybe you can use it. The wind seems a little abated here in Lubbock.Take care.

  2. Sort of a round about way to get to Elephant Butte, NM, but it will be considered.

  3. Well maybe global warming is or is not happening, however it is getting hotter than H*** here in Texas and we still have Summer to look forward to. How about some destination in western Canada, that should be nice and cool this time of year and no fires YET!


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