Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best laid plans

This morning I left Sanderson with the idea of getting to Van Horn Texas for the night. While in route a secondary plan was formulated. I would travel to the east edge of El Paso, watch the Cardinal game and afterwards I would travel through El Paso in the late night hours to avoid the morning rush hour. All went well and 300 miles later I'm sitting at the east edge of El Paso. Then a problem arose. I started the generator to give me juice for the computer and the generator started fine, but no juice was being delivered to the outlets. I checked the breaker panel, no mean feat because Jayco decided to locate the panel at the foot of the bed, which of course is in the stowed position for travel. No problem was located there so some serious head scratching was employed. I finally remembered the generator itself has a circuit breaker. That's where the problem was and we are now back in business.

Todays journey was interesting to say the least. First we encountered smoke from the brush fires for about 50 miles and the the wind picked up and we encountered dust for the next 150 miles. If that wasn't enough to give the nose a work out you can throw in a couple of west Texas feed lots to complete the assault on the olfactory senses.  The wind is still blowing, but hopefully it will die down when the sun sets.

Now it's time for a bit of a nap so we can be ready for our late night activities and enjoy the good life.

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