Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plumbing upgrade

This morning was spent upgrading the water filtration system. Traveling around the country I have had the opportunity to sample several varieties of water, some good and some not so tasty. I started off using a simple in-line filter that barely did the job and only lasted about three months before needing replacement. Last year, after calcium had plugged the toilet spray valve, I decided to try a two canister system. I was very happy with the results, but in my haste I failed to do the proper research and found getting replacement filters was more than a problem. Enter the The RV Water Filter Store. These folks have more information about RV water filter systems that you will ever need. I decided to switch to their products and placed an order last Friday. First of all they get an A+ for service because the package arrived yesterday from California. This morning was spent setting up the plumbing, which in my case looks like something Rube Goldberg would approve of, and testing the water.

These are the new canisters attached to Mel.

At the hydrant end we have a splitter and a pressure regulator to prevent overpressure of Mel's water system. I have been in campgrounds with over 100 psi water pressure which would destroy almost any RV water system.

The rest of the day will be spent taking life easy, as I have depleted all usable energy on this mornings project. I am also getting close to pushing the air-conditioning button with the afternoon temperatures hitting the 90 degrees. I like to be comfortable while enjoying the good life.


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