Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nice drive

We are now in Gila Bend Arizona. We were on the road before sunup this morning and made good time across Arizona. We are now 100 miles from Yuma nestled in a campground surrounded by mountains. The drive today was uneventful and other than the traffic through Tucson pretty stress free. As we turned on to Interstate 8 the drive turned pretty The road was lined with yellow flowers which just which had bloomed just in time for my arrival. This and the view of the mountains on each side of the road made for a pleasant morning behind the wheel.
Some of the hills I saw.
These are the flowers that lined the road.
Mel's view down the road.

The rest of the day will be spent checking out the neighborhood and enjoying the good life.


  1. Glad your travels have been uneventful....I sure missed going to AZ this winter.

    I was the one that wanted to know if you swam in the pool....72 was like a heat wave here that guts no glory....goodness!!! Just think how good that would have made you feel....once you got the feeling back in your body 8-)

    safe travels...keeping track of you. Marie

  2. Thanks Marie, I still think it was too cold, but next time you're in that neighborhood feel free to take the plunge and let me know what I missed. LOL

  3. sure is some pretty country your going through.I,Max .are also keeping track of you travels and wishing I was there.


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