Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gila Bend day 2

We have decided to stay one more night in Gila Bend, it's a small town of 1700 friendly people and according to the sign 5 old crabs. I haven't met the crabs yet, but I've met several of the friendly people.
The park I'm in is small with only 24 spaces, but it's very modern with all hookups, showers and laundry facilities and for $10.00 per night with Passport America a good deal. 

One thing that sets Gila Bend apart is the junk art placed all over town. I took pictures of three of the works of art for your enjoyment. You won't see these in fine art galleries.
Rusty rattlesnakes.
Tin tortoise.
And a pitted pony.

Another thing that is nice around here is that everything is in bloom. This bush is right out my back window and it is doing its best to freshen the air.
From a distance.
And up close and personal.

Today it is supposed to be 91 degrees, but with 18% humidity it's a dry heat. You know like your oven. We expect to be running the air conditioning full blast this afternoon  and all the while enjoying the good life.

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