Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/7/2014 - 8/11/2014

The vacation continues and this is what this is. Sitting here watching the world pass by with comfortable temperatures and baseball games is a nice way to enjoy the life.
The Cardinals win another one.

More visiting and more watching folks come and go. The Cardinal game didn't go to well today.

Weekend mode set in and a trip to the Maverick quick stop for breakfast and a little tour of the neighborhood. Then it was back to watch the afternoon Cardinal game against Baltimore. Baltimore was sure glad to see the Cardinals come to town, hitting 10 home runs in two days and winning both days by a combined score of 22 to 5.

Full weekend mode with a morning walk and an afternoon baseball game with the Cardinals finally beating the Orioles 8 to 2. I've been working on my departure from here and it might be as soon as the end of the week. I still haven't decided on direction of travel or what I want to see when I leave here. Lots of options to consider.

Cloudy today and it looks like we are building to some rain showers for the afternoon.
Cardinals have moved to Miami, but they continued their losing ways. Maybe tomorrow they will turn it around.


  1. Your Cardinals are having a tough time of it. Sort of like my Redskins during football season.

    1. Some days are better than others, but giving up 12 homers in three games is hard to tolerate.

  2. Overall, sounds pretty nice:) Just think how good things could be if only the Cardinals could win a lot more games!

  3. Dunno, being a Cardinals fan is some kind of self torture. You must watch the game with your eyes almost covered, just a tiny slit to peak out, sorta like passing a car accident.

    Hope you have copious amounts of adult beverages to ease the pain. ;c)

    1. I'm so tough I do this without adoult beverages.

  4. I couldn't keep watching the Cardinals after those bad games. But a hard core fan keeps on going. Sounds like your doing a good job of vacationing.

    1. I'm one of those loyal (can you say stubborn) fans who stay with my teams through good and bad. Yes, the vacation is going well.


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