Thursday, August 7, 2014

7/31/2014 - 8/6/2014

Today was moving day and to the west I went. Through Chama, over the Continental Divide, by Pagosa Springs and into Durango. In Durango I met up with some old friends from our days in Zapata, Texas and we had a nice visit and lunch. So good to see the both of them.
Shelly and Sal

Then it was on to Cortez and the La Mesa RV Park for awhile.

A day of rest was enjoyed. Ken and Lyn are the work campers in charge here and they will be my neighbors this fall at Val's, so we had some catching up to so. I have also developed a problem with the house batteries. They are only holding a charge for about 30 minutes. Might be time to think about a couple of replacements for some 5 year old batteries.

Weekend mode in full swing and a Cardinal baseball game in the evening was the activity for the day.

I'm still enjoying the weekend mode and there was another Cardinal game this afternoon for me to watch. The Cardinals are slowly closing in on the first place Brewers and are now one game out of first.

This is going to be a day to catch up on blogs, computer stuff and bill paying. It is overcast here in Cortez and thunderstorms on on the schedule for the day. If that isn't bad enough the Cardinals have the day off. 

Just enjoying sitting here with the cooler temps and the lower humidity. Cardinals were back in action against Boston and managed to win there game. Not a lot of activity around the park during the day. The bulk of the folks here are working folks involved either in construction or oil exploration, so they leave early and get back late.

Another slow day just looking at the mountains and enjoying the views. I did watch the Cardinal game last night (big surprise), but the outcome wasn't what was hoped for. 


  1. We stayed at that same park. Had a wonderful big pull-thru. I know the exact mountains you are enjoying. What a gorgeous area.

    1. I was here last year and like a magnate this place drew me back.

  2. Get in good with those oil field workers and maybe you can get some free samples. Of course, you'd have to refine some of that crude, but a man of your ingenuity would have it turned into gas for Mel in no time. :c)

  3. You should have your batteries checked to see if the acid is too diluted. That will cause them not to hold their charge. If that's the case it should keep some cash in your wallet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Rick, I'll follow through.

  4. Cooler temps and lower humidity sounds good.

    1. Nice and comfortable after hanging around the Valley until temps were running 110.

  5. I would love to be enjoying the lower temps and less humidity.

  6. Enjoy the cool weather...I am melting :(


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