Monday, March 24, 2014

3/23/2014 - 3/24/2014

More basketball today occupied most of the day. Additionally, just when we though it was safe to put away the space heater another front heads our way. This evening winds from the north began blowing in cooler air. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Started the morning at 51 degrees and overcast with an attempt being made to rain. It was a morning to read blogs and do some on line banking. I have begun to set up and pay some on line bills and so far it has worked seamlessly. It looks like my fears about switching banks were unfounded.

Good news this morning...I thought. I stepped on the scale this morning, looked at the reading and it said 'LO', great news, I've reached a point where my weight has become to low to measure. My bubble was burst when the second part of the display popped up and said 'batt'. Batteries on order.


  1. I don't think I'd get new batteries. I'd like a scale that said LO! :)

  2. HAHA nice scale I need one of those.
    I was dressed and ready to head out this morning and had to turn around and change clothes it was a tad cooler today, and of course the wind was blowing like crazy again.
    Like the new heade

    1. I thought about marketing them, probably could sell a bunch.


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