Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/16/2014 - 3/22/2014

A quite day around the homestead. We started the morning with a bit of rain and the wind picked up in the afternoon to blow in some of that northern air.
A couple of ballgames, one basketball and one preseason baseball was the activity for the day.

The wearing of the green  is the uniform of the day and I've been reminding people that wearing green for Fridays get-together did not relieve them of their obligation on the real St. Patrick's day.

This morning brought a huge amount of information. I was able to complete my taxes on line. They have been filed and already accepted by the IRS. Refund should be on the way soon. The other information received was the start up package from Ally bank. The package included the debit card and the new checks. I have been able to redirect my direct deposits for both my Missouri retirement and my Social Security to my new account. This completes everything in establishing my new accounts and I will have to say the process was much easier than anticipated.

This ended up being a very busy day doing nothing. Sometimes those type of days are necessary and I took full advantage of cramming the day full of nothing.

A trip to Walmart this morning to stock the cave in anticipation of the NCAA Tournament which starts this afternoon.

It has begun. The NCAA men's basketball tournament, that is. Today was play in day for the last spots and tomorrow the tournament starts for real.

16 games today divided between four networks kept the remote busy. Some interesting upsets and four overtime games made for an interesting day.I would guess there were a lot of brackets busted today for folks who were shooting for the billion dollar prize that was being offered.

16 more games today, but not nearly as many upsets as yesterday. Still a full day of basketball and my thumb is starting to get sore from hitting the previous channel button.

The tournament field has been cut in half so the TV watching pace has slowed a bit, only 8 games today. With St Louis departing the tournament today I am out of teams to cheer for. I guess I'll have to wait until next year. Now I can reclaim my life from th TV and head in new directions.


  1. I think lots of folks busted their brackets which makes for an interesting time. But I don't like basketball so no brackets at our house. Sorry your teams lost though.

    1. Everyone was eliminated from the billion dollar prize before the second round ended. The odds were over a trillion to one.

  2. Now with the field cut in half, your remote will have time to catch its breath. I'm assuming you are one of those (rabid) college basketball fans? ;c)

    1. Rabid would probably be an understatement although I'm selective in the teams I follow and once they were gone interest wanes.

  3. You have a very busy and productive Monday. I like reading that you are getting a refund. We never turn down
    Watching Kansas and Stanford as I read this. Paul and I are doing TERRIBLE! We did pick upsets but not the right ones...rats!

    1. With all the upset I can't imagine anyone is doing well in their selections. Over 5 million were in the billion dollar challenge and they were all eliminated by day two.

  4. You remind me of the early days of my first marriage. I finally told my new husband I wanted a second TV or a divorce. We got the second TV. (The divorce came 17 years later.) The second TV was a good compromise. :)

  5. My thumb hurts too and it's just from reading this blog LOL Hope you get to move around now that all your teams are gone


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