Monday, February 3, 2014

Week of 2/3/2014

The weather yo-yo continues with an overnight low of 45 a high today of 55. One night I sleep with the window open and the next with the heater running. In my mind it's really time for this to end.

Tonight was entertainment night at J-5 and and we were lucky enough to see the talents of Diego and his wife Edith. You talk about a variety show and Diego brings it to you. Everything from big band to rock and roll with a little country thrown in and for good measure some polka too. Edith provides some vocal accompaniment and entertains with her dancing. Diego's skills on the Keyboard are second to none. For good measure he also plays the accordion. If you get a chance to see their show I guarantee you will come away entertained.

Diego on the keyboards

and the accordion

Edith on the move.

and the J-5 dancers are at it again.

Another fun day at the ranch and it's ended with a cold drizzle.


  1. Diego played at our clubhouse tons of times. He always draws a crowd. Did they bring their daughter? If they did, isn't she just the cutest little thing?

    1. No daughter, but Edith showed me a picture. The are nominated for Valley Duet of the year.

  2. Nice of that cold drizzle to cool ya'll off after all that hot music! ;c)

  3. Your park definitely provides some wonderful entertainment for you guys. Now if the weather would be as accommodating.

    1. There are lots of top name entertainers to choose from here in the Valley and we have put in a request to the entertainment director to make the weather more entertaining.


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