Sunday, February 2, 2014

week of 1/26/2014

The week begins on a good note with Indiana winning in basketball and the weather is just great, Temperatures in the mid 80's and blue skies all around.

Entertainment night at J-5 and tonight the entertainment traveled all the way from his home in ... well J-5. Tommy and his wife Faith live here in the park so we get to enjoy their company everyday. Tommy has done a Burl Ives tribute for years and if you close your eyes he'll fool you because the sound is right on. They brought along Rich Bellert, a cowboy poet. The house was packed and the show was enjoyed by all.

  Rich Bellert
 Rich and Tommy teaming up.

 The J-5 dance team. (Some fun loving ladies)

 Miss Faith (Tommy's wife) has a part in the act.

The worm has turned again and another cold front has reached the Valley. 15 to 20 mph winds, temperature of 50 or so and  a chance of rain. Today the main activity will be watching for the propane man so I can get the tank refilled before I run out.

It's time to panic. Tonight the forecast is for freezing temperatures and ice pellets. At 8pm it was 40 degrees and it started raining. At 9pm TDOT announced they were closing all the elevated highways in the area. The schools have announced delays in the morning. If it does produce some slippery stuff this will be the first time in six year of coming here it will have happened. I guess it's time to get a t-shirt mad saying I survived the Valley blizzard of '14. I'm sure this will give my friends to the north a chuckle.

It wasn't quite as bad as predicted, I woke up this morning and the overnight low had reached 32 degrees and most of the rain had evaporated. From reports though the rest of the Valley was still in panic mode. The elevated highways weren't opened until 9 am and most of the schools were late in starting. We did start a warmup and temperatures made it into the low 70's today.

I spent about three hours today uninstalling my AVG virus program and installing Kaspersky, my new virus program. AVG was coming up for renewal and I thought I'd give Kaspersky a try since I'd heard such good things about it.
Kaspersky Internet Security 
 While working on the switch I was also able to watch Indiana lose at Nebraska.

 In the afternoon a couple of friends from Zapata stopped by for a visit. Max and Becky were on their way back to Zapata after visiting Becky's brother in the area. It was so nice of them to think of me and stop by for a visit.

Another nice day weather wise. We are just a few degrees away from when we can start complaining about the heat after complaining about the cold earlier in the week.

Not much on the schedule today, a couple of basketball games, just a nice relaxing day here in the Valley.

With the Super Bowl tomorrow featuring the Broncos I'll tell you about their most famous fan, This article is taken directly from Wikipedia.

Barrel Man (1940 – December 5, 2009), real name Tim McKernan, was a superfan of the Denver Broncos. In all types of weather for thirty years, he attended every home game at both Mile High Stadium and INVESCO Field at Mile High wearing nothing but an orange barrel that covered his torso and a cowboy hat and boots. His costume was reminiscent of rodeo clowns (or barrel men) who serve as a distraction to animals in the rodeo arena in order to protect riders who have been thrown and of the stereotype of the miner who lost his stake and had nothing left to wear but a barrel. He was the first Broncos fan inducted into the VISA Hall of Fans[1][2] at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[3][4]

The Barrel Man at a game against the New England Patriots at Mile High Stadium in the late 1990s .
McKernan began attending Broncos games in 1967,[2] eventually missing only four of them. He first wore a barrel in 1977 after making a $10 bet with his brother over whether wearing one would get him on television.[2] He won, wearing one painted to resemble an Orange Crush can.[3] The soft drink brand was also the nickname for the defensive unit of the orange-jerseyed Broncos who won the American Football Conference Championship that season.[3] McKernan also showed up at games for the Denver Gold of the short-lived United States Football League in the mid-1980s, wearing a gold-painted barrel. McKernan retired his act after the 2007 season at the age of 67, but announced that he would continue attending games in normal dress.[5]
McKernan had serious health issues in 2003, after an abdominal aneurysm ruptured.[3] After that time he was restricted by doctors to wearing his barrel for one half of play, and then only when the temperature was above freezing.[6] These health issues were a major reason behind McKernan's deciding to give up the barrel in 2007.
Retired after 40 years as a mechanic[2] for United Airlines, McKernan and his wife were based in Gunnison, Colorado, but spent their offseasons traveling in their recreational vehicle. Due to the space constraints of living in an RV, McKernan sold his Super Bowl XXXII barrel for $30,000.[3] The barrel, autographed by 49 Broncos from their first Super Bowl winning team, was sold to a Black Hawk, Colorado, casino.[7] McKernan gave 10 percent of his profits to Jubilee House, battered women's shelter in Gunnison.

A nice guy and he also produced a son that would become my daughters husband. Tim, this one's for you.


  1. That story about your SIL's Dad is just wonderful. I may not be a Broncos fan but Tim sounds like a great guy who knew how to really enjoy life. We have used Kaspersky for several years and wouldn't use anything else.

    1. Tim was a pretty cool guy.
      I've heard nothing but good about Kaspersky.

  2. You seem to have had a good week with entertainment too. Nice tribute to a fun person. And now his son is part of your family. Enjoy the game today. Me I'm having a non super bowl party.

    1. Non-super bowl party is still a good excuse to have a party.

  3. We are having a super bowl party for 5. John and I, dogs Oliver and Olivia and Noah, the cat. What a rocking good time we will have in our motorhome.

  4. Well that's a very interesting story! That's real dedication for you. Too bad the Broncos slept through much of today's game.

    1. Tim was quite a guy, I'm sure he would have been very disappointed with todays performance.


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