Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week of 9/30/2013

Sunday - 9/30/2013
While waiting for St. Louis to sweep the Cubs and the Bronco's to hammer the Eagles. (both of which happened) I decided to recap my summer. Mel and I traveled 6,838 miles and we visited 8 states. I rode three tourist railroads and visited 6 museums. Altogether it was a very enjoyable summer.

Monday - 9/30/2013
Today we were up at the crack of dawn  (actually before) waiting for the flat bed tow truck. Once he arrived he made short work of loading PaT and off we went to visit the Pep Boys. PaT now has four new shoes, a new battery, a new air filter and the fluids have all been topped off. To celebrate coming off life support we stopped by the Auto Spa on the way back home and a bath was purchased. PaT is now ready to roll.

Tuesday - 10/1/2013
Today I took care of some basic chores. I hooked up the sewer hoses and emptied the tanks. The I ran to the bank to cash a dividend check from my Rural Electric Co-op. These are sent out 10 years after the service year. This years windfall was almost $50.00. Then it was off to Walmart to get rid of my windfall plus more. Then I returned home to wait the arrival of the UPS man. I am in the process of replacing the interior lighting with LED bulbs. They sure are a lot brighter. Then it was time to sit back and watch the Reds play the Pirates to see who would get to play the Cardinals on Thursday. Pirates have the honor.

Wednesday - 10/2/2013
This morning more winter preparations were made. The tires were sprayed with dressing and the covers were installed. Then the windshield cover was installed and the flag pole light was prepared for installation. I practically wore myself out. The next project was to attempt to reset my weather station. The humidity has been pegged at 98% for the last week. Instructions were to remove the batteries for 30 minutes and re-install. I did this twice and now the humidity has moved to 99% and the heat index has risen to 158 degrees. I sent an email to their forum and had a response within 12 minutes giving me a direct number to customer service. No problem, they are sending me a new sensing unit even though what I have is way passed the one year warranty. Great customer service and they get my seal of approval.

For weather stations I recommend AcuRite 

Thursday - 10/3/2013

Today was housecleaning day complete with broom, wet mop, vacuum and toilet brush. Not a labor of love, but a necessary evil. I also spent some time on the phone with an old schoolmate back in the Midwest discussing the upcoming Cardinal's game. Watched the Cardinal's whale away on the Pirates. After the game I visited with JB who has just returned to the park from his summer trip to Alaska. On that note the day ended.

Friday - 10/4/2013
Today was a lite duty day. The first order of business was to install quick connect hose couplings. This will allow me to move the fresh water hose from the water inlet to the black tank spray with a minimum of effort on my part. Next event was the Cardinal game, but was disappointed to find they didn't show up so the series is tied at a game apiece. The mail arrived today and I was informed by Express Scripts that my affordable Health Care was not going to be as affordable as it used to be. Change is costly.

Saturday - 10/5/2013
This morning started with a little cruise down to the Rio Grande river to check it's flow, then it was back home for a full day of football and I was able to watch Indiana and Notre Dame win their games. Not wanting to overdo things, I let that end my day.


  1. You sure have been a busy man! I think you made me tired. That humidity would have me driving to somewhere else quick. Hope it dries out soon.

    1. Just looking at the numbers on the weather station made me hot.

  2. Replies
    1. The a/c was on, but it was easier to disconnect the weather station.

  3. Happy Birthday. Glad you got PaT all spruced up and raring to go. You just listed all the jobs we're going to have to do when we get back to our spot on Tuesday. Oh whoopee!!

  4. I think it is time you took a vacation. You are making me tired.

    The people back in Ohio would laugh their rears off if they read what you consider "winter preparations." The description would be more like...oil the snow blower, batten down the hatches, collect firewood,

    1. I expect the people back in Missouri are laughing too. It's tough to convince them how tough things are in the Valley in the winter.

  5. Happy birthday big brother. Hope you have a fun day watching all your favorite teams and hope the Cards win for you.

  6. Glad to see that even with all those chores you still find time to Enjoy The Good Life. Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  7. I'm waiting for my mail, I have a feeling my health insurance premiums will go up, too. I hear that the insurance companies are raising premiums because of the "Affordable" Care Act. Happy Birthday! Take it easy, no chores today.

  8. It's only affordable if you don't work and they give it to you. Thanks for the birthday wises.

  9. Happy belated birthday!

    You sure accomplished a lot this past week. Hope you get to relax this week now that you got so many chores out of the way.

  10. what is going on with you....are you sleeping in?????


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