Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week of 10/13/2013

Sunday - 10/13/2013
Another good day for the Broncos and a day off for the Cardinals. A good way to spend the weekend. More arrivals here at J-5 as Rich and Joann arrived from Gillespie, IL and Cezaire and MaryAnn arrived from Essex, Ontario. More arrivals are expected this week as the season begins.

Monday - 10/14/2013
Today's big event was to dust off the checkbook and pay the rent on lot 59 for another year. Now I have a place to park for the next 12 months or until they figure me out and have me removed. 

Last nights Cardinal game was a bust. Even though they traveled to the west coast they left their bats in St. Louis. The pitching was good, allowing only two runs, but it's hard to win when you don't score any runs. Hopefully tonight will be better. 

After a 12 day journey around the country my replacement sensor arrived in Mission this morning at 5 am. We'll see when they get around to delivering it to me.

Tuesday - 10/14/2013
Today a 5:30 pm the weather sensor finally arrived. I opened the box and prepared it for installation in the morning, the humidity has already dropped to 50%.

The Cardinals found their bats and quit shooting themselves in the foot. The series is now 3 games to 1 and another victory will send us off to the world series.

Wednesday 10/15/2013
Today was the second annual 'Meet with the Weavers' day. We met at the Riverside Club which surprisingly enough is right on the Rio Grande river. Here's the view from the patio.

One of the Texas Navy boats passed by. 30 Caliber deck mounted guns and 3 300 horsepower Mercurys on the stern. This pictured was borrowed from Marsha who was quicker on the trigger than I was.

My friends, Paul and Marsha were accompanied by their friends Rick and Angie who have now been added to my friends list. Very nice folks. We had a nice visit and did a lot of catching up.  It is always nice to visit with fellow bloggers.

LtoR: Paul, Marsha, unknown, Angie and Rick.

The Cardinal results were not what was hoped for so it's back to St. Louis leading the series 3 games to 2. Still need a victory for a trp to the World Series.

Thursday - 10/17/2013
Today was visit your friendly dermatologist day. We did some nitrogen spraying and one rather large hunk of skin was removed for biopsy. Results in ten days.

With no ballgame today and a throbbing in my arm from the scalpel and the weather having turned to a cooler 70 degree temperature, I think today will probably be designated as national do nothing day. I'll let you know how that works out.

Friday - 10/18/2013
This says it all. 

Saturday - 10/19/2013
The wrap up of the week involved a full schedule of football games and I'm happy to say 2 out of the three had a good ending. After watching three games I found little time for anything else, but sometimes that is just the way things are. 

There have been a couple more arrivals in the last couple of days including Jule and Virginia as the park population slowly begins to increase.


  1. Glad to see you're still finding ways to Enjoy the Good Life. Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. No good can come from this World Series. Two teams loaded with the color Red. How can one tell who is who? :cP

    1. Clue...Only one will have "the Birds on the bat".

  3. It was so wonderful to share a couple of hours with you. We actually drove by your park after church this morning. Very nice!!!

    Well it is the Cardinals and the Soxs. I wanted the Tigers but can't have everything. Good luck.

    Wow...didn't know you were having minor surgery. Please do let us know how it goes. Prayers that it is an uneventful biopsy.

    1. You should have stopped by when you were in the neighborhood. It's always good to spend time with the two of you. Go Cardinals.

  4. Hope all goes well with your biopsy (sp) Sounds like a great week meeting all the friends for the winter fun

    1. We're ready for the folks to show up so we can get on with the fun.

  5. Hoping you get good news from your dermatologist. Jim had a bunch of the nitrogen stuff but the rest of him was good. Be sure to let us know. Always a good time with the Weavers. Our park is slowly starting to fill up also. I like having a place that we can call home and can come and go whenever we want to.

    1. Thanks, it is like home with a lot of the same folks returning year after year.

  6. Glad you had a good week. Things here are as usual busy. Go Cards!!


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