Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laws post II

Yesterday I told you that only two of the original building remained in Laws, That doesn't mean that there was a lack of buildings. There are close to 40 buildings on the property. Located here from around the area. There is a main street retail area and a residential area and each building is it's own separate museum. Lets get started..

We start down Main street.

The first shop we came to was the Photography Studio with it's collection of cameras and photographic equipment.

Lots of old cameras on display.

I apologize for the reflections, but when museums wall off the displays with glass they very seldom think of photography, even in the photography studio.

Next stop was the Trading post.

And then next door was the General Store.

Including the pot bellied stove.

The shelves were filled with collectibles.

Then to bypass a slow moving crowd we stepped across the street to visit our first cottage.

This cottage was furnished as a typical cottage of the time would have been furnished.

Lots of interesting pieces in the bedroom.

And the parlor.

I wondered if the radio still worked.

The dining room.

Another view.

And the kitchen.

Indoor plumbing in 1914, pretty fancy.

And the other bedroom.

Stay tuned because this is just the start of the tour. 

Today nothing, but rest is planned. That's the way I enjoy the good life.


  1. We used to have a radio like that one that did work but we gave it to a friend who is an antique buff when we decided to full time.

  2. Awesome header photo.

    My dad has that same radio down his basement. My brother, Mark, gets it...darn.

    I love the kitchen! The ice box cracks me up.

  3. And now....for the REST of the story! HAHAHAHAHA LOL

    Thanks for sharing some of the neat things that are to be seen there at the Laws Railroad Museum. Looking forward to more.

  4. Great pictures as always.
    Guess I am going to miss the road trip. But since you are in AZ. we may still meet up somewhere. Of course hits hot as blazes down south so you may want to head in a different location.

  5. Sure enjoyed the pictures. Makes me want to go back and sit under the trees. Didn't see a picture of the two headed lamb!!

    1. Aw c'mon, you see one two header lamb you've seen them all. I don't think I even took a picture of it.

  6. I think I have half of those antique cameras in a box in storage somewhere. :cO

  7. My daughter just paid a fortune for a sink just like the one in the picture. My Mom had a radio like that when I was a little kid--I thought there was a man inside of it. I can picture him to this day. LOL Guess I wasn't too bright as a kid.

    1. You're the third person that had that radio in their home. The nice thing about that man is he didn't eat much.


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