Friday, December 7, 2012

Green Grocer

One nice feature of this park is the weekly visit of the Green Grocer. This guy runs through the local fields grabbing fresh produce off the vines and trees and then drives to the park every Thursday afternoon to deliver this fresh as it gets produce directly to us at unbeatable prices. His wagon is setup as a rolling fruit stand and on arrival he is ready to do business in a couple of minutes


My big purchase yesterday was a quarter watermelon for $1.00 and a cored on the spot pineapple for $3.00. Now that's some good eating.

Last night I watched the Bronco's beat up on the Raiders. That rivalry is not near what it was a few years ago when the Raiders had much better teams than they do now.

Today will be a visiting day.  Nothing serious planned, but I will find a way to enjoy the good life.


  1. Looks like the gentlemen has a good business going. Good prices too!

    1. He does a pretty good business here in the Valley.

  2. Good eatin' for sure. I am eating like I was still up north; hearty home-made soup and past-fresh apples made into applesauce. Got to find me some fresh stuff!

  3. We need to get that guy over to our park. We love fresh produce.

  4. You sure know how to enjoy the good life thats for sure..

  5. Replies
    1. He's built a real business with customer service.

  6. Can you please send him over here next. Thanks in advance.


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