Monday, July 2, 2012

Madison, SD

I have arrived in Madison and the first stop was to see Teri at My Dakota Address where she supplied me with my current mail and the rest of the forms I'll need to be certified as a person eligible to receive a South Dakota drivers license. Then I proceeded  to McDonald's for some barely nutrition. Then it was off to the Super 8 and check in for the the day. Next order of business was to drag out the old laptop that hasn't been used for two years and begin the update process to get on line. Now that we are on-line we have completed today's blog and now we are going to download the service packs to bring the laptop to current status.

Sitting in air conditioned comfort planning the next move is today's way of enjoying the good life.


  1. Trust that soak in the tub made you suitably presentable to get all the paperwork you needed. "Proceeded to McDonald's for some barely nutrition"...they feed bares there?

    1. No bears, anything they serve is barely nutrition.

  2. How can you NOT call all the grease nutrition???

    After all, they can run diesel engines on the used french fry oil...that's comforting, isn't it? ;c)

  3. Are you saying what's good for a diesel is good for us. I'll think about that.

  4. Can't wait to hear how it goes at DMV. So many full timers are using their system. A friend of mine is headed that way in Oct.


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