Thursday, June 21, 2012

A quick tour of Hannibal

This morning I took a run to the downtown area to see the Mighty Mississippi River and then visit with some old friends. While I was there I shot a few pictures to share. This is my hometown.

Looking down Main street with the Tom and Huck statue at the end of the block and the Lighthouse above. The Lighthouse is not a navigation aid, but was lighted to mark the dedication of the Mark Twain Bridge across the Mississippi. The bridge has been replaced, but the light burns on.

The building on the right is Mark Twain's boyhood home and on the left is the original museum built in the 30's.

This is the Clement's law office, moved and restored from it's original site a few blocks away.

One of the best con jobs ever was carried out on this spot.

The sign tells it all.

And this is the house.

This is the landing where today's riverboats tie up.

And the first thing the passengers see is this lovely garden, with Mark Twain at the helm.

Modern day travelers can also ride the local riverboat Mark Twain

Or they can just watch the ducks.

This is the boat harbor that I managed for the first three summers it was opened. Probably wasn't a better job for a high school kid in those day.

Another view. Seven day work week, sunup to sundown and all of this for $25.00 a week. The truth be known I would have paid them for the job.

This is the Hannibal mosquito control program, low tech, but it seems to work.

Robert Coontz was another one of Hannibal's famous citizens. Other notables from Hannibal included (the unsinkable) Molly  Brown, Jake Beckley , Cliff Edwards (the voice of Jiminy Cricket), Bill Lear (of Lear Jet Fame) and fictional characters Col Sherman Potter of MASH fame and of course Joe Hardy aka Shoeless Joe from Hannibal Mo.

Here is the Monument to Admiral Coontz.

After the trip downtown Mel insisted on an oil change which was done at another friends place and while at it Mr. Onan got fresh fluids too. The rest of the day will be spent visiting with whoever drops by and supper with Mike and Jane. Just part of enjoying the good life.


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    1. Thanks, there's no place like home, quote from dorothy Gale.

  2. My family lore claims allegedly that Samuel Clemmons was a relative of ours, my maternal grandmother's maiden name was Clemmons.

    I did a little research and I don't believe that is true. Samuel Clemmons' son died before adult hood and his brothers either died with no kids or didn't have any children.

    Maybe Clemmons' father had brothers but that is more research than I want to do, I'm retired.

    Plus, if I was a descendant of Mark Twain's, maybe I'd be able to write well and have a sense of humor... ;c)

    1. You both write we and have a sense of humor and I enjoy reading your blog. However, the Hannibal Sam Clemens has a different spelling for his last name than you're showing.

  3. Please tell me you didn't "run" from Walmart downtown...That would be a story for the you have your green shirt! You all need to be nice to Danny...he endured lunch with about 8-10 ladies just to get those ordered!!!!

    1. You know I didn't run anyplace. Proof of that is in the fact I'm able to respond to you. I will pick up my shirt tomorrow, but Dan gets no sympathy from any of us. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet for the Class of '62.

  4. Oh I love your town. All those characters come to life. I would enjoy stopping there and doing a tour of the town.

    I didn't know Hannibal was by the Mississippi. But honestly, I had no idea where it was at all. Thanks for posting the photos and tell us about the town. So neat!

    1. Come visit sometime, I'm sure you would find it to your liking.

  5. What a neat little town. I could live there.

  6. What a beautiful hometown you have there Joe. Wonderful memories as well.

    Enjoy your reunion.

    1. Thanks, MsBelinda. I'm really looking forward to tonight.


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