Friday, May 11, 2012

Morning walk

Today started with a visit with Marilyn (Loren's better half) and then a brief walk, a stop to visit with Clay and then a continuation of the walk around the park. Here are a few snaps of what I saw.

A view back towards the park. Mel is in the center just to the left of the stop sign.

Something attempting to bloom.

A cactus flower. (good ID, John)

A Gamble Quail begins a trip across the road.

And here completes the trip. Of course this begs the question, 'why did the quail cross the road?'

A cactus of many colors showing off.

Now that the basic chores have been completed and at least part of the walk completed the rest of the day has been freed for visiting with Clay and his family and my new found friends. All this just makes enjoying the good life that much better.


  1. "Why did the quail cross the road?"...because it was a gamble, of course!

  2. Well, I can't top Russ on that one so I'll just say - glad you had a nice walk while enjoying the good life.


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