Friday, April 6, 2012

Still recovering

The park continues its recovery from last Thursday's extended hail and wind storm with contractors hauling out fallen awnings and boarding up windows. What we haven't seen yet is the glass people, but then most of the units effected are park models or mobile homes, both of which will require special glass. At least some of the trees are already starting to bounce back, one in particular was noticed on my walk yesterday and it has reached bloom just in time for Easter.

Thank goodness the kids won't suffer because of the storm.

Still waiting for the repairs to be completed o  Mel as the temperature slowly climbs. The overnight low last night was above 70 which sure gives heat a jump start during the day. I don't know quite how uncomfortable I am because of the failed weather station, but UPS reports the new one is out for delivery so soon I'll know.

Their is a ballgame this afternoon to entertain me while I hide in the shade, but we still will have time to enjoy the good life.


  1. you Need a fan!! go to Walmart or even Walgreens & get a tower fan. They blow cooler air than a regular type of fan does. And they have remote controls. It just sucks to have to be hot all day.

    1. TexCyn, as I was reading your comment the RV guy showed up with the shroud for the air conditioner, which is now back in operation. Hooray!!

    2. Oh that is GREAT!!! Good news. Hopefully soon, you'll be able to move on too.

    3. 80 degrees is sure better than yesterdays 95. I think we're both chomping at the bit and ready to move on.


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