Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm cool

Not long after yesterdays blog was posted, Revel the RV repair guy showed up with the shroud for the air conditioner and in a very few minutes it was installed and the air was on. Without any activity on my part I became 'cool'. The skylight hasn't arrived yet and this morning he dropped by to let me know he wasn't having any luck finding the marker light lenses. Five minutes on line solved that problem and I should have the marker lights replacement lenses in hand the middle of next week.

The other event yesterday was the arrival of the UPS man with the new weather station.

Looks simple enough sitting in the box.

Became a bit more of a challenge trying to assemble the parts when there were no written instructions, just some vague pictures that must have been perfectly clear to the Chinese fellow who took them for my benefit. I prevailed in assembling a reasonable representation of the picture on the box. The next challenge was and I quote "Insert two pieces of LR6 (AA size) batteries into the transmitter". Not know which pieces they wanted installed I went on and inserted the entire batteries. Needless to say following instructions written in China by someone who has a semester of English under their belt left me scratching my head the rest of the afternoon as I proceeded with the setup, but I did prevail and the weather station is in operation.

This afternoon has been reserved for doing nothing and I had better get started. Always geared up to enjoy the good life, though.  


  1. Instructions for setting up things have provided some of my best laughs.

  2. Sure happy for you that your a/c is now working fine. If I were there I could have put that together for you. I am a picture person, well maybe sometimes. Looks great. If one of those little whirly things breaks you can use a measuring spoon to fix it.

  3. Boy you're helpful, next time I'll just mail it to you and wait for it to come back assembled.

  4. "Some assembly required" and some of the scariest word one will ever read!! Glad you're cool...but then we all knew that already.

    1. Donna, it really does take a 15,000 BTU air conditioner to make me cool.


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