Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Really slow day

As more and more folks leave the park there is less and less to do. We are now down to less than 20 folks in the entire park and the office is only opening for about 4 hours a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At least some of the roof and awning jobs are going on for our entertainment. This mornings walk was accomplished in a light mist, but I was able to persevere without melting. Yesterday was were fortunate when the bullet missed us. There was golf ball sized hail all over the area, but all we got was a couple of generous showers and about 1 minutes worth of pea sized hail which did not damage anything here in the park.  Today it's a bit cooler at 73 degrees, but the humidity is 83% so it's not real comfortable. 

The next couple of days I will be on UPS watch. I have several packages which are on the way and will finish out some fix ups and a couple of more to get ready for summer travel. Just like Christmas in April around here and we all know Christmas is a time to enjoy the good life.


  1. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. No one there needed to go through the hellacious storm again. Or is that hailacious?

  2. Glad that wind you sent our way yesterday finally left. Managed to get more on the daughters patio done today as a way of Enjoying the Good Life.

    It's about time.

    1. Glad the falling tree did no damage. Sorry about the winds.

  3. So glad the storm missed your area this time. Not many people here yet and thats OK.


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