Monday, March 12, 2012

Rodeo again

Yesterday, about two hours before rodeo time, the sun came out and folks magically appeared on the streets. Today we are back under the overcast after an overnight fog alert, but hoping that it will burn off for this afternoon. Here are some pictures from yesterdays rodeo.

Part of the course.

This event was big enough for a clown to appear.

Make that two clowns.

The bar marks the halfway mark on the course. This is where the navigator becomes the driver and the blindfold is switched. 

One of the contestants returning to the course after an off road adventure.

These folks got got far off the course they became the first ever disqualification.

Some folks got lost in the middle of the course.

My friends Roger and Donna changing places.

Getting the blindfold in place.

All set.

And off we go to a minute and seventeen second time.

These are the winners and believe it or not the ran the entire course in 47 seconds.

Just another fun afternoon at J-5.

This afternoon the schedule is clear, but this evening the last entertainment will be appearing in the rec hall. I'm not sure who we have tonight, but will save the surprise for when I get there. Other than that we will just be enjoying the good life.


  1. I've ridden with R.T. before. A blindfold should make no difference in his driving skills. (maybe improve it a little)

  2. Sure seems like a roping contest would liven up that rodeo a bit. I think the "bulls" should be on the receiving end of the rope though. Have fun at your entertainment this evening.

    1. Probably not a good idea to put a rope in anybodys hand around here.

  3. I'm sure after all the bad weather everyone was happy to be outside at the rodeo. Hope you enjoy who ever comes out on the stage tonite.


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