Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breakout day

Yesterday was a breakout day...for the sun and once it broke out the entire park came alive as people crawled out from their hiding spaces and the world began to function again.

One spur of the moment things happened yesterday. A trip to Gonzales Burgers occurred and we left so quickly that I didn't even grab the camera, so the pictures you see were downloaded from the internet  This hole in the wall burger joint only operates between 10:30 in the morning until 2:45 in the afternoon 6 days a week. You will also notice the building has absolutely no signage, but they are packed every day by word of mouth. The most notable thing about Gonzales Burgers is the size of their burger. A half burger would be a fair meal. and add onion rings and you have a two day supply of food.

This is the famous Gonzales Burgers building.

The size of the burger that attracts folks.

A two day supply of food for one setting. Pictures by and a thanks to TXBobcat

 The next event that occurred when we got back to the park was a present that was delivered and installed by my friends Roger and Donna. They went to the trouble of having a decal manufactured for the back window of Mel. How neat is that? They even came over and installed it for me.

Donna applies the decal while Roger assists.

More supervising.

And the unveiling.
I'm not sure what it takes to get such good friends, but I'm sure glad I have them. Now every one will know who I am as I travel the country.

The entertainment last night was not my cup of tea, but most everyone in the crowd was entertained. The group was more of a Jam Session group the a professional show. It is the last show for this season and I have to give a tip of the hat to Tom who puts all this together. We've really been well entertained this year.

Last nights group and the seasons last show.

Again, there is nothing scheduled for the day so we will just wait and see what happens to help us enjoy the good life.


  1. Wow, those are big burgers! Pass an onion ring or two please. Really cool decal!! Awesome! I think I'll make a decal for my window too...when I get around to buying more printer ink.

    1. Those are big, big burgers. TexCyn I am really proud of the decal.

  2. I like the way Roger is supervising always willing to lend a hand..

  3. I'm working my way North and actually have been seeing better weather than I had in Texas. Nice decal, nice gift from your friends.

  4. Your decal looks neat. When are you heading out? Temps are already pushing 80 here.

    1. I'm not in any big hurry to head north, still have doctor follow up next month.


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