Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nice day

Today we started out a bit cool, but it has turned into a pleasant day with temperatures in the low 70's and just a slight breeze. This morning I took a leisurely stroll around the park, smelling the roses as I went. I also took Mr. Canon I with me and here is what he saw.

Lots of neat lawns.

Well decorated.

A John Deere fan.

Blooms are starting to show up.

Cactus in this part of the country, what a surprise.

By the park office.

The schedule is still bare, but I'm sure something will come along to help me enjoy the good life.


  1. Thanks for the tour of the park. Looks like a pleasant place. Glad you took time to smell the roses!!

  2. This weather was long coming. Enjoy it. Just being out of doors is the Good Life!

    1. I guess we have to take what we get, but I sure like the good weather better.


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