Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Show reprort

Because of the quality of last nights show I wanted to highlight it on today's blog and will report on the cart rodeo tomorrow. I just have to tell you about last nights show while it's fresh in my limited capacity mind. Gary and Patsy Crain arrived at J-5 with a whole cast of characters mostly crammed into Gary's head. He brought: Gomer Pyle, Barney Fife,  Bill Clinton, Mr. Haney from Green Acres, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Walter Brennan, Crazy Guggenheim and Foster Brooks, the lovable drunk.

The show started with Gomer who got the audience loosened up.

And then Patsy sang a few Patsy Cline songs really well.

Oh and I forgot to tell you Gomer P Elvis appeared.

He worked the room really well.

He even had our queen on her knees.

Tears of joy were rolling as the laughter filled the hall.

Gary and Patsy on stage together.

Gary signing autographs during the intermission.

Mr. Haney from Green Acres.

Crazy Guggenheim on stage.

Last nights show was the most entertaining of the shows I've seen so far here at J-5 and it was a real treat to watch everyone just laugh their head off. People were already asking for an encore next year.

Roger and Donna went back to Zapata today for the brisket dinner, so they have a full day and won't be back until late tonight. I'm just going to take it easy and repair my side from having it split last night. As usual I will be enjoying the good life. Cart rodeo pictures tomorrow...I promise.


  1. They say laughter is the best medicine going for Enjoying the Good Life. By the sounds of it though you almost overdosed on it.

    It's about time.

  2. I wish I could have been there for that show I need a good laugh. Glad you had so much fun


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