Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rodeo time

Finally it's time to post the pictures of the Sunday golf cart rodeo. The driver was blindfolded and the passenger was the navigator. It was pretty quickly determined that spoken commands generally worked better than hand signals, but in some cases the husbands 30 or 40 years of ignoring their wives was the real handicap.

Let me explain the course. It starts in the upper left corner and curves into the boards on the lower left. Then it requires a reverse maneuver backing in an arc into the boards on the right. At this point a shift into forward is required and a drive to where the two fellows are standing completes the run. Running over a cup is a points addition to the total time. The winners time was 1 minute 32 seconds with no cups down.

Every race requires an official race vehicle, this is the best we could do.

A contestant heading towards me and me defying danger to get the picture.

More shots after I had assumed a safer distance.

Any rodeo needs a clown, we had a home grown one.

Backing toward the barrier.
The official 'cup keeper full' person ready to refill any cups spilled.
Friends Roger and Donna ready for their run

And off they go.

Into the corner 

Heavy concentration.

A continuous string of directions.

Trying to remember which hand is his right one.

An appreciative crowd watches as they come down the home stretch.

One thing for sure here a J-5 is that we sure know how to enjoy the good life.


  1. That is just too funny. Any divorces after this event?!?!

    1. Funny you should ask. There was a disclaimer on the sign up sheet stating the race committee would not support either side in any divorce proceedings. No divorces made public yet.

  2. What fun that had to be. Are you going to try it next? I might drive down there to take pictures.


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