Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday, 55 degrees, overcast and no sign of the sun. Future forecast looks the same for the rest of the week. Last nights entertainment caused a bit of a conflict. Missouri basketball was on at the same time as the show. So I watched the first half of the game which started at six and at half time I ran over to the rec hall to catch a few tunes from the show that started at 7 and then back home for the end of the game. The entertainment was provided by Jay and Tammy and from what I saw it was more a talented couple just sitting and playing their music, rather than a show.

Tammy and Jay

This would be Tammy

By process of elimination we will make the Jay.

By the way Missouri won the game against Oklahoma U 71 to 68. Missouri's record is now 22 and 2. 

Today will be another indoor day unless things change. I did get mail yesterday and I now have all the information I need to work on taxes, but for today I think I would rather enjoy the good life.


  1. ah yes, those taxes can wait. The sun came out here, finally, SUN! Don't know how long it will last...well, not long today because it's 4:07pm..

    1. Be nice and share some of that sun. None here today.

  2. I am going to try to claim poverty on my taxes this year.
    Think it will work?
    Hope your day went well and you managed to enjoy the good life in spite of the weather.

    1. Worth a shot. We had a few rain drops, but I still managed to work in some visits with friends.


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