Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Show time

This park appears to have regular entertainment at least once and sometimes twice a week. Last night we were treated to Freddie and Sheila Pelletier from Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada. They were only 2200 miles from home entertaining here in the valley. And when I say treated, I mean these folks were the best. Click on the highlighted link above to go to their web site and learn more about them.

The video above is their demo video and a sample of what we got to enjoy for almost two hours last night. The first song on the video is the Bells of Saint Mary's and I remember my folks had a 78 version of this record with the vocalist Bing Crosby. The thing that impressed me most about these two is the fact that even though they play a show almost every night it was very apparent that they loved what they were doing and their smiles just lit up the room.

Some serious pickin.

But it was all pure enjoyment.

Another event here in the park yesterday was the arrival of the 'Cajuns'. This was a group of 4 units from Louisiana and are all related who are from I've been to prone to burst into impromptu jam session with their Cajun music. This should be fun.

For now it's just sit back and see how we proceed in enjoying the good life.


  1. WOW!! I watched every bit of that demo video and was left wishing for more. I do so love guitar music and those two are masters. What a special treat for you all.


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