Friday, January 27, 2012

Shopping event

Yesterdays event was the weekly arrival of the fruit and vegetable peddler in the park. This is an event where there could be serious injuries if one is not alert to the danger. You just don't want to get between some women and fresh produce. He arrived in the late afternoon, but before he arrived a small gang had assembled . Upon his arrival he began setting up his wares.

His wagon is designed so he can pull up and open his produce store right on the spot.

Once opened he has just about everything you can imagine from the garden.

And it's all fresh and priced right.

My purchase...a fresh pineapple, cored and ready to eat for $3.00 and I believe he picked it on the way to the park. Good eating...good price.

Tonight we have more entertainment in the form of the Cajun Travelers who are my neighbors here in the park. I'm looking forward to their show. In the meantime we will be enjoying the good life.


  1. I wish we had one of those fresh produce guys here.

  2. Judy, it sure is a nice feature of this park to have fresh produce delivered to our door once a week.

  3. WOW! I haven't seen a fresh produce delivery since I was a little kid. And I remember my mom buying all that good fruit. There was also a Dugan Man who sold bread and cakes and thing like that.
    Oh the memories that brought. :)

  4. Wow, that crowd looks as bad as the "Blue Light Special" crowd at K-Mart!! Glad you survived the crush and were able to snag such a fine looking pineapple.

    I remember a bakery truck that used to come around in our neighborhood. Once, my mother sat her loaf of bread on the back bumper while she put her change away. Unaware, the driver slowly drove off to complete his route. My mother looked up, saw her bread still on the bumper of the truck. The story was told over and over in our family about Mother running down the road behind the bakery truck yelling, "Stop, thief, you've got my bread." We still laugh about it more than half a century later.

  5. Great story Donna K, I expect every family has a story like yours that is repeated at every get together. That's what makes a family, the shared memories.


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