Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chores done

Yesterday afternoon I finally broke down and did a couple of loads to laundry so that chore was put behind me for a few days. That left one chore left on my list the dreaded Wal-mart trip. So this morning everything was disconnected and the slide were pulled in and off to the big box we went. Unlike previous places I've stayed in south Texas, this Wal-mart is not a 50 mile trip. As a matter of fact here it is located two miles down the road. So Mel didn't even get warmed up real good before we arrived at the front door. As usual Wal-mart was ready to accept what ever offering I was willing to make and it is so easy to leave there with a $150.00 hole in the billfold without even trying. The two miles back to J-Five was uneventful and Mel hopped right back in his place. Now if I could just teach him to make the connections we would be a real team.

Now that all of the chores have been taken care up I believe it's time to slow the pace and seriously consider a siesta. I do guarantee that a full refrigerator is a step in the right direction for enjoying the good life. 


  1. I guess we have been on the same page for the last 2 days. And yes it was time for siesta. Just as I started dozing of course the phone rang. OH well thats OK.

  2. I guess we could talk about great minds and all that, but some things just have to be done.


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