Saturday, December 17, 2011

On we go

Another day of the same. The only difference between today and yesterday is the mist has now thickened enough that it has become measurable rain. We are still at 55 degrees and socked in. One lesson was learned in the wee hours of this morning. When waking to an inside temperature of 60 degrees it does not speed up the process of warming the coach to turn on the heat pump and the space heater and the water heater at the same time on a 30 amp circuit. All this does is result in is a walk in a cold rain to reset the breaker box. It is a pretty quick way to become fully awake though. 

Today we are looking at a 50% chance of rain according to the weather folks so it doesn't look likely that we will avoid some moisture. At least it's the weekend and we can use the weekend mode to enjoy the good life.


  1. I thought Texas was supposed to be warmer than this.... it's around 55* where I am at. What is a "heat pump"? My RV has a propane forced air furnace, but my cat does not like it when I turn it on, I'm looking into something else. Eden Pure now has a mini 350 sq ft electric heater that I may buy. I have a small cheap electric heater, but it is too noisy for me.

  2. It is supposed to be warmer than this Teri. A heat pump is the description for the heat tape that is installed in my air conditioner. It is a noisy as the air conditioner since it uses the same blower system. I use it and I also have a portable space heater that I use. The park I'm in now doesn't have propane delivery so an alternative had to be found.

  3. I have a few electric heaters. Why I Have no idea. But they all work really well in my 23 footer if I close the curtain to the cab. And they don't seem to make any noise. I sure hope you all warm up soon.

  4. My little space heater seems to do a good job in my 31 footer. Our high here today was 58 and it's showing 75 inside. I even had to turn it off part of the day.

  5. Hey, Teresa and I were thinking of you the other day, because we looked at a couple of Melbournes that were for sale.

    Boy, those slides sure make a big difference.

    Weather isn't all that great in the valley, either.

    We are trying to play catch up on our blog reading, so now is the time with the lousy weather.

    Take care, and keep on enjoying the good life ... TnT


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