Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mixed bag

Again we start the day with overcast skies and mist in the air.This mixed bag of weather is starting to get old. Like someone said, at least it's warm. It is also approaching the time for me to make another trip to Wal-mart. I am not particularly amped up about going into a Wal-mart this time of  year, but then I'm not to excited about starving to death sitting in Mel either. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and make the trip on the next clear day.

This morning I went to the office and paid rent for another month, so if I behave myself and keep a low profile I'm good to settle in here for another month. At least here we have water.

I spent some time visiting this morning and managed to get home just before the latest shower began. The rain has stopped now and I am thinking it's time to empty the holding tanks which is not the best way to enjoy the good life, but has to be done.


  1. Was at Walmart in Port Lavaca today around Noon, there was only one person in front of me in line.

  2. I think all of Texas is experiencing this mix bag of weather.

    I really am sorry that you have to go to Walmart with all the christmas shoppers. Is there not an HEB or other grocery store that you could go to instead?

  3. Teri, I should be so lucky.

    MsBelinda, closest Wal-mart is 40 miles away. I will bite the bullet at Wal-mart because I can get everything I need.

  4. Our Walmart is open 24 hrs. Best time to go is late at night. At least the little screamers are mostly home in bed!

  5. I noticed Wally world hasn't been very crowded. I went twice this week and it was empty. Today I hit Walgreens while it wasn't to crowded the little screamers were present. I would have liked to slap its mother.

  6. I've had four reports from natural shoppers that I will be okay. Now we will see how that works out from a male perspective.

    Donna K and JOJO thanks for stopping by.

  7. There is a HEB at 700 S St Mary, Falfurrias, TX and a Cantus Super Market 612 South US Highway 281, Falfurrias, TX. Both of these are within 3 miles of your RV Park yet you are willing to drive 60 miles round trip to Wal*Mart because they have everything you want.

    You have alternatives, if Mal*Mart does not 'particularly amp you' then if it were me I would select one of them.


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