Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good move

Last year when the new management took over 4 Seasons RV Park in Zapata it wasn't difficult to tell that things were headed in the wrong direction. After all this was the lady who thought you could get a reading of water usage through the electric meter. That's when the search began for a new place to winter. This week my move was validated. In addition to the rent doubling in the last two years in Zapata, service has gone down hill. Presently the current crisis is water. The city has shut the park water off because they have a broken water and sewer line that the management has failed to fix. This shutoff is currently into it's fourth day with no water to the residents and the natives are getting more than a little upset, as they should. Meanwhile the park I'm in now is supplying water and sewer service with no drama attached. My condolences to all my old friends in Zapata.

Today we started with a real dense fog, but it quickly burned off and warmed up and we are enjoying a nice mid 80's sort of day. A good day to enjoy the good life.


  1. Water's definetly something everyone needs whether they are in a snow belt (where we are) or in the warm climate (where you are). Those new managers of your old park better fix that problem soon or the park is headed down the toilet. (Sorry can't flush that either)

    It's about time.

  2. Good move indeed! Our day started out nice here, sunny, warm but now the clouds & some winds are moving in. Still not bad temperature wise, 73 in the RV with a window open.

  3. I just got an update and they have completed their fourth day of 'no water' The Judge and Commissioner have become involved and are bringing porta-potties. No end in sight.

  4. Aren't you glad you had the foresight to leave? I am sorry for the people that had to put up with this situation but it's good that the local politician finally got involved.

  5. I see the end is near for that place. When the politician's are getting involved.

    I glad you moved on after all the junk that started there last year.

  6. Jo, I recognized quickly what was happening and choose not to participate in the drama.


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