Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Company drops by.

First a recap of yesterdays attempt to reach the downtown area. All along the route the new highway through town was under construction so there were obstacles everywhere.

 I obviously couldn't cross the road here.

 This looked like it was set up to break any ankle that ventured this way.

 The What-a-burger sign (the big W) is the downtown area And the wall ahead of me put a stop to the journey here.

 This is where the highway goes through and there was no provision for pedestrians. A remapping effort will be required to reach the downtown area.

 On the way back I stopped to admire the efficiency of the work crew. There are seven men in this picture and only the one straddling the beam appeared to be working.

This morning about 11:00 am Barney of The Old Fat Man Adventures arrived from Rockport for a day of catching up. We meet about every 6 months or so as our paths cross. Today the subjects were flying and the conversation had many twists and turns as we explored one topic after another. After wagging our jaws for a couple of hours it was decided to insert some food in our mouths for a change of pace. We ventured north on highway 281 to the next town which is Premont. Here we found the Oasis cafe which we left in a dazed condition because of the amout of food consumed.

A trip back to Countryside and it was time for Barney to head back home and me to take a nap. It was a fun day of enjoying the good life though.


  1. Looks like you wont be going to the downtown section of where you are staying anytime soon specially if out of seven men only one is working.

    It is always fun to meet up with bloggers. I too had the chance to meet Barney a few months ago when he and Billy Bob visited Lake Amistad.

    You have been busy these past two days, so you deserve a nap :)

  2. At least with Barney showing up you didn't have to walk anywhere. And you ate a good meal. Yup nap time.

  3. Thanks for dropping by MsBelinda and JOJO, it was a good day.


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