Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yesterday was a busy one. It started off with a trip to the dermatologist where three three tissue samples were taken for biopsy. Then Mel was taken to the RV doctor where the awning topper was repaired and put back into place. Next stop was Wal-mart and another opportunity to lighten the billfold. Next stop was a visit to the fuel pump where Mel got a big drink and the billfold became much easier to handle. From there we moved to the Quick Lube for and oil change which included the generator. By now the billfold had to be firmly grasped because it was light enough to float away in the breeze. Then I made a stop at my former place of employment to visit with my former co-workers. A good group of folks who are all over worked with all the budget cutbacks. They didn't seem to be enjoying the good life. A stop at the propane dealer was next on the agenda and by now I was getting an echo when I opened my billfold. The final stop in Hannibal was the Mark Twain Dinette and a hometown favorite the giant breaded tenderloin sandwich. Now I'm officially back in my hometown. 

From Hannibal it was off to Bowling Green to the RV Park where I had a reservation. The park s located east of town in rolling hills and there in lies the problem. To get satellite TV I had to move three times to get a signal. I finally got a signal and I've marked the spot so if I leave I can get reoriented properly. Next problem was Internet. I have no bars on the Verizon service, but am able to connect, just barely. The park offers WIFI, but they told me it's not very reliable. This is what I call a gotcha park. The monthly rate is $325.00, which is higher than I normally pay plus a $100.00 deposit on the electricity. They are well aware of the communication problems, so if you want cable TV it's $25.00 extra a month for basic cable service of 20 channels and if you want to use their 'not so reliable WIFI well that's another $25.00.The park does have some good points. Electricity is only 9.5 cents a KW, they have a miniature golf course and their little store has 9 flavors of soft serve ice cream.

Today's activities will be limited to recovering from yesterdays spending spree and enjoying the good life.


  1. Once you open a billfold the money just evaporates quickly.

  2. What is it with some RV parks? Either fix the net service or just don't have it. This type of stuff breeds furstration. John, hurry back to Texas, we miss you!!

  3. Thanks Michael, I'll be back as soon as you get the air-conditioning up to speed.


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