Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interesting day

Yesterday ended up being quite an interesting day. Mel and I moved to the Historic District in downtown Hannibal and began playing tourist. The first thing noticed were some tents located in front of the Mark Twain home. The post office was issuing a new Mark Twain forever stamp and this was the dedication ceremony. 

Then it was a stop at the new Hannibal History Museum and an opportunity to visit with Lisa Marks. Lisa and her husband Ken or curators of this museum and they are the authors of two books on Hannibal. One of the books, Haunted Hannibal, serves as the basis of the Haunted Hannibal tours they run daily. The other book is A Brief History of Hannibal and both are available on

While visiting the museum classmates Pat and Ann joined me and we continued our visit in the Museum while sheltering from the deluge outside. When the rain abated somewhat we were able to make a dash to the Mark Twain Dinette to indulge in some of their old fashioned home made root beer. By the time two o'clock rolled around and it didn't look much like baseball weather I decided to head back to the RV park in Bowling Green. Pat and Ann were spending another night in Hannibal before heading home to north western Illinois today.

All in all the weekend was great in spite of the rain. Spending a weekend with old friends and classmates is a super way to enjoy the good life.


  1. I might have to look for the books. The tour sounded pretty good, and the best way to wait out the rain.

  2. JOJO, Hannibal has an interesting history dating back to Mark Twain's time here. The books are well done.


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