Saturday, June 4, 2011

Destination Hannibal

This morning a decision has to be made. My destination of Hannibal Missouri is 260 miles away and I need to be there by tomorrow evening. The question I drive half of the distance today and the rest tomorrow or do I stay here and drive it all tomorrow? If I drive half today it will require boondocking by the side of the road because there are no campgrounds between here and the halfway point. If I stay I have full hook ups, a nice view and a tornado shelter if today's expected thunderstorms turn into something more. What to do?

Mean time here are some pictures from the Pony Express Home Station Museum in Marysville.

A good explanation of what a Pony Express rides schedule was like. 12 hours a week of work with free room and board and a salary to boot. What's so hard about that?  

Well maybe the beds weren't the most comfortable and the fact that you had to share accommodations with the horses might have made things a little more difficult. Then the fact that when the mail arrived you left, no matter what the weather at the time.

 And of course you also shared your room with the blacksmith shop where they fixed the flat tires on the horses.

The museum also contained a collection of old wagons, farm machinery, rifles and other artifacts from history.

More artifacts, including an old popcorn wagon and the original mail boxes from the first post office in Marysville.

A few old wagons were stored in the stable ready to roll when needed. 

Now I will work on the decision, to travel or not to travel, that is the question. Either way I will be enjoying the good life.

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  1. It must be tuff having to make all those hard safe. marie


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