Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back in site 11

Today's trip to Hannibal started with a trip to Wal-mart to stock the pantry with foods that I wouldn't be able to use for a couple of days after my second stop. The second stop was with the oral surgeon and he and yesterdays dentist had conspired and it was decided that two teeth needed to be removed, both on the same side, but one upper and one lower. I now have enough Novocaine in my left side that an anvil could be dropped on my left foot and it would go unnoticed. I am now waiting for the drugs to wear off to see if I'm going to need the other drugs he sent me home with.  I just attempted to take the first dose of my antibiotics and came close to drowning myself. Water flowed easily into the side of my mouth that was working and ran just as easily out the side that is still numb. I think most of us know the feeling.  I think I'll just sit back and and relax until feeling returns.

When I arrived back home at the RV park the electrician was just finishing up the rewiring of my electrical pedestal so we are back in business. At least one thing is working. 

Please be advised that todays blog was written under the influence of drugs and and similarity to a real blog is purely coincidental. All available energy has been expended for the day and it's time to sit back and enjoy the good life. 


  1. You must be very sensitive to drugs. :P Hope you won't have to much pain.

  2. So far so good. Two aspirin is the total meds consumed so far. Very little pain.


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