Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unwelcomed guest

I have come under attack by moths. I have spent the last 12 hours trying to figure out how a flock of moths is getting inside Mel. At least 10 have invaded us and all but one have met an untimely demise. I have all the doors and windows shut and the slides pulled in and they still seem to be getting in. I had the same problem with bees in Texas and added screens around the furnace and refrigerator exhausts, but the problem persists. This war will be won.

Last night we finally caught some of the rough weather that has be all around us for the last few days. About midnight we had a pretty good thunderstorm and a bit of hail. No damage to report, but it sure was noisy inside this fiberglass box for awhile. The forecast is calling for more of the same today and the thunderheads are already building to the west. Looks like we are in for it again.

This morning was spent on the phone setting up doctor and dentist appointments for June while I'm in Hannibal. It looks like a lot of time will be spent helping folks in the medical profession pay their mortgages.

Today's master plan will be to say dry while battling the moths. Hand to hand combat will be used if necessary. Just another adventure while enjoying the good life.


  1. We got moths in the motorhome back in 1999 when we were in Colorado. I've forgotten their name, but they were BIG. It seems we picked them up during their migration. My husband became a hunter in the night armed with an electrified tennis racket shaped weapon. We passed a dog breeder and we stopped. I went in and asked if I could buy some cedar chips--the owner was more than happy to give them to me-very nice guy. I cut up panty hose I had with me and stuffed them with the chips and stuck them everywhere in the MH. I'm not sure whether it actually did the trick or whether their numbers just dwindled. At any rate, they were gone!

  2. Thanks Hobopals. I've become quite the hunter myself. If I don't succeed in the next couple of days cedar chips will be on the shopping list.


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