Thursday, May 19, 2011

Near disaster

Yesterdays high around here was 44 degrees and not much to my liking I might add. About 11 pm last night some rough weather came into the area. Just to the east of us there was enough hail that the snowplows were called out to clear I-70, fortunately the hail missed us, but the rain didn't. In the space of a little over an hour .83 inches of rain fell and this led to the problem, This is the first rain I've seen in a year and apparently the bat wing antenna's seals have dried up because it began to leak water around the cranking mechanism. This wouldn't have been too bad a problem except the computer monitor was directly under the leak and water was flowing into the monitor, no where in the manual could I find where this was recommended. This led to the screen going back and a concern that the monitor had departed for monitor heaven. Fortunately this morning the monitor has dried out and appears to be working like normal. For general information rainwater is net the best method of cleaning the inside of the monitor.

On the way here yesterday a brief stop was made in Kit Carson to view their pile of rust. They have quite a collection located in a park in the center of town for all to view. Here are some of the shots.

 This rust observation tower has a view of nothing and no one seems to know to what purpose it was built.

 Here is a closer view in case you want to see how it was done in anticipation of building your own.

More of the rusty stuff. This collection is so prized that it is surrounded by a fence and the gate is padlocked.

Today the temperature has yet to climb out of the 40's and thunderstorms are still in the forecast so we will probably be enjoying the good life from an inside vantage point.


  1. I was afraid you were going to get weather like that. Remember, it can snow and freeze there, even in June.

  2. I read something on a camper forum that I follow that said a person should lubricate the rubber boot and seals of the antenna with silicone every so often. After your comments it sounds like the prudent thing to do.


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