Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite day

My favorite day has again arrived, so this morning I will be doing the laundry. The weather has settled down and the grounds around here are starting to dry out. However, we are still running a bit below normal temperature wise. 

On the trip up to Seibert I showed you pictures of the rust collection in Kit Carson. They also have a museum there that wasn't opened but I got some pictures outside. The museum is located in the old railroad station and has been nicely restored. The tracks and trains are long gone, but the reason the town was located in this area is still honored.

The station circa 1900 is still in pretty good shape. The station was built by the Kansas and Pacific railroad which later became part of the Union Pacific railroad.

Kit Carson's significants is illustrated in this plaque. 

An old UP caboose sits by the station ready to roll.

Todays adventure, as explained earlier, will take place in the laundry room. Later there will still be time to enjoy the good life.

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