Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Delivery day

Today there are a couple of events to report. This morning I was in charge of watching Loren fill the tires on his motorhome to the proper pressure while Dennis assisted him. Then I actually partook in a bit of manual labor myself as I climbed to Mel's  roof to adjust the wind vane and give it a good shot of graphite. It has been whining at me the last few days. I'm sure as the result of being overworked here in the wind capitol of the world. I also downloaded some new weather station software to play with. 

The important news for today is that, after a misguided journey to the east coast, my my new surge protector is on the UPS truck and out for delivery. The delivery schedule around here is pretty hit or miss and the driver could show up anytime between now and 8 pm tonight. I also have another delivery expected today from GreenSmoke. I have ordered a test kit of e-cigarettes. I'll let you know how this one turns out.

Since I have already 'worked' for the day the only chores left will be to wait for deliveries and enjoy the good life.

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