Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy morning

This morning was a busy one. All preparations have been made for getting under way in the morning. The fresh water tank has been filled, the black and grey tanks have been emptied, the sewer hose has been stowed and the fresh water hoses are in their compartment. I also did two loads of laundry so that has been taken care of for a few days. Tomorrow we head east and have decided the route we will take is US 36. This route will trace part of the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail and Pony Express route through northern Kansas. My plan is to arrive in Hannibal on Sunday to be ready for doctors appointments on Monday. Then it's off to Bowling Green where I have reservations for the month. I will use this campground as my base of operations for the next month while I see doctors, dentists, former classmates (school reunion), family and friends.

Now that I have gotten all my chores done I can sit back and enjoy the good life.

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