Saturday, April 30, 2011

Morning exodus

This morning saw a large group of folks hitting the road for northern destinations. They left bright and early with hopes of making todays journey before the wind picked up. Which it will do later today. After they left I decided to cook up some bacon and I guess it was a little too crisp. Biting down caused a tooth to shatter and I now have another hole in my head. Fortunately the tooth was already dead and I expected to have it removed when I reached Hannibal so there is no pain involved. There is only about 10% of the tooth remaining and hopefully the remainder will work it's way out on its own and save a dental bill. The dentist I saw in Zapata in December predicted this would happen, so it wasn't unexpected.

Today we will again be taking cover from the wind while watching Arizona pass my window on its journey towards Texas. What else transpires today remains to be seen, but surprises are part of enjoying the good life.

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