Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weather radio

One thing I wouldn't be without in an RV is a weather radio. So, last fall when my rechargeable battery weather radio gave up the ghost I decided it was time to replace it. Since I installed it over 6 months ago is has been notoriously silent and out of site is out of mind. So I was totally unprepared last night when it when off at 10 pm. After I got off the ceiling I checked and found we were under a thunderstorm watch. The net result was .04 of an inch of rain. No thunder or lightning was observed and if it hadn't been for the weather radio it would have been a peaceful night.

Today's plan was to head to Kingsville to the Wal-Mart, but the plan was abandoned because of the weather. Currently it is 60 degrees and rain is threatening. The though is, why fight it, there will be a better day. In the meantime I'm sure I can find something inside to enable me to enjoy the good life.

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