Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today's road trip

This morning Barney and I left the campground at 9 am and headed south to Raymondsville to investigate a couple of parks as possible winter destinations next year. The first park we hit was Gateway RV/MH park in Raymondsville. This seemed to be a very nice, well run park within walking distance of a Super Wal-mart and a golf course. They seemed to have lots of activities for their guests and apparently with the number of park models and mobile homes they have a large number of returnees.
Apparently everyone in the park isn't a dog lover.

Then after a quick bite of lunch at a local BBQ restaurant we headed west to the Valley Gateway RV  Park which is 16 miles north of Edinburg, Texas. This park wasn't as impressive as the first park and occupancy was only about 50% which made us wonder what was wrong here. It seems the owner of the park is an absentee owner and the camp hosts run the place. This will be third on my list of parks I've checked in this part of the country. Number 1 will still be Country Side RV Park that I visited 2 weeks ago and where I'm headed in two weeks when I leave here to give it an extended look.

After our visit at Valley Gateway we retraced our steps back to Raymondsville and on through town east to Port Mansfield so Barney could check out potential kayak launching sites.

This was the fishing pier in the community park.

And a closer view.

Then it was time for the return trip home arriving at 5:30 after a full day of enjoying the good life.

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