Friday, March 25, 2011

Morning stroll

This morning I set out in the direction of the downtown area only to be stymied. Tomorrow I will have to attempt to find another route. With the highway construction my path was blocked every direction I turned. I finally gave up and returned to Mel after spending some time walking the golf course and seeing what I could.

Along the golf course the rough (where I used to play a lot of my golf) was in full bloom.

A water hazard on the course.

What finally stopped my trek at the end of the golf course.

I was able to cover enough distance in 80 degree temperatures and 80% humidity to cause my body to expel a couple of gallons of fluids and I got within sight of the Whataburger sign although it doesn't seem I can get there from here. Still walking the countryside is another way to enjoy the good life.

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