Friday, March 4, 2011


Well it's finally come down to laundry or naked. By popular consensus of everyone in the vicinity I will be doing laundry today. I think you all have a pretty good idea of how much this thrills me.

Today here in Riviera it is overcast and threatening rain. The temperature has only made it up to 72 degrees and it looks like the sun is going to remain in hiding the rest of the day. I guess it's a good day for some advanced piddling. Yesterday there wasn't much activity. I did help my neighbor work on setting up his new computer for a bit, took a walk around the park and read some more of Huck Finn

I did get some good news yesterday, son Dan was released from the hospital Wednesday and he and wife Amy are headed back to Denver and should arrive there today. They took the southern route based on the weather reports through the mountains. He was released with no restrictions on his activities and other than frequent monitoring he is good to go. 

Now it's off to the laundry so I can get this task behind me and get back to enjoying the good life.

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  1. Well if,n you gonna be doing some advanced puddling maybe necked is better. Oh, sorry, it was brought to my attention that you said piddling. Carry on.


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