Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's with this

This morning I woke up to a temperature of 56 degrees and it looked like today's prediction of a mid to upper 60 degree day was at hand. About 8:30 a very serious wind  shot through the area and within 30 minutes it was 38 degrees and the thermometer was still headed south and what was supposed to be a pleasant day has suddenly become a day to hunker down. 

The Tom and Huck statue in Hannibal Missouri.

This morning I took refuge in my Kindle application for the PC and finished my reading of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer while reflecting on my own growing up in Hannibal Missouri which was called St. Petersburg in the book. Other than the time frame there are many parallels in the story to my life. I too swan in the river, played in the caves and was generally a free spirit running loose in the town. Our days in the summer started early and ended when the street lights came on. A day might include a climb to the lighthouse (Cardiff Hill in the book) or a walk across the mile long railroad bridge across the Mississippi river to the Illinois side or maybe we found find a new cave that needed exploring. Growing up in Hannibal Missouri was the start of my enjoying the good life.


  1. How fun that you grew up there, John, with similar experiences! Those were the good days, when kids could be out playing from dawn to dusk and no one had to worry about us.

    (Gloria's sister)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful childhood. When you look back and see how free we were not like today.


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